Christian Psychotherapy

Honoring and incorporating your spiritual beliefs, guiding you toward a more balanced and fulfilling life

Do you hope...

…that your therapist is able to integrate your faith and spirituality into your therapy sessions?  Your faith is an essential part of your life.  You desire a personalized path to healing that respects and enhances your Christian worldview.

Embrace healing through spiritually informed therapy

Religious and spiritual values are often an essential part of human life and can be used as an important resource in therapy. Spiritually informed therapy offers several unique benefits that can enhance the therapeutic experience and outcomes for individuals.  It addresses the mind, body, and spirit, providing a more holistic approach to mental health.  Spirituality and faith may help individuals find meaning in life and can be a critical source of strength to many.  They help address existential questions and concerns, such as purpose, meaning, and life transitions, which are often integral to mental health.  In addition, Clients often experience greater life satisfaction when their spiritual needs are acknowledged and integrated into their therapy.  

How I can help

I am trained to relate to you in a holistic manner – mind, body, and spirit – without imposing a worldview on you. Accordingly, I welcome people of all faith traditions. However, I understand that not everyone wants to incorporate spirituality in therapy and I respect that.

Many of my clients come from Christian background.  I have more than 15 years of experiences mentoring Christian and non-Christian young adults in a college setting.  My graduate school training has deepened my understanding of the integration of Christianity and psychology.  Additionally, I trained at Biola Counseling Center and Fuller Psychological & Family Services, providing psychotherapy to many Christians, church leaders and clergy from various Christian traditions.  I have helped many Christians and those in Christian ministries:  

  • Heal from spiritual hurts and come back stronger 
  • Recover from burnouts
  • Manage their depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues
  • Process past wounds 
  • Experience freedom in their lives 
  • Grow deeper in their understanding of themselves (body, mind, emotions, and spirit)
  • Grow in their love for God and others

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